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    Ontario is helping reduce electricity costs for families, businesses and farms. As of January 1, 2017, introduced an 8% rebate for Ontarians. Read more about this program…

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    Please remember that you cannot post any sign on a hydro pole. They get in the way of our workers safely accessing the pole to perform maintenance. Please refer to the following Ont Legislation.

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Fair Hydro Plan (FHP) – see FAQ’s

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North Bay Hydro has implemented the provincial government’s Fair Hydro Plan (FHP) – see FAQ’s below for more info.

 Q: Will I see a 25% credit on my bill?

            No, the average 25% reduction is a combination of changes to your bill, including the 8% rebate. You will see the most direct impact of the reduction in the form of lower RPP pricing, either time-of-use (TOU) or tier, on your bill under your electricity charges.

 Q: How do I know or figure out what my bill reduction is?

            The rates were set so that a ‘proxy’ customer (see Q below) will see a 25% reduction ($41) on a total bill. Your reduction will be based on your individual electricity usage and will be most noticeable on the TOU/tier lines of your bill at the reduced rates.

 Q: What is a ‘proxy’ customer?

            Because distribution rates vary across the province and customers use different amounts of electricity, the proxy customer has been deemed a residential customer of Toronto Hydro who uses 750 kWh of electricity a month, pays TOU prices and has the TOU consumption profile of a typical residential customer.

Please go to https://www.oeb.ca/newsroom/2017/fair-hydro-act-2017 for more information.

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