High winds, Trees and Supply Feeders

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    Through the day of November 27, and into the morning of the 28, North Bay Hydro Customers were affected by a number of different outages…

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High winds, Trees and Supply Feeders

Through the day of November 27, and into the morning of the 28, North Bay Hydro Customers were affected by a number of different outages. In extreme weather conditions, such as we encountered yesterday, the wet snow and high winds can push tree limbs into power lines.  If the tree shifts back away from the line a momentary  outage occurs.  When a momentary outage occurs, your lights will only briefly flicker and most clocks will need to be reset. Typically, in these scenarios, crews are not required to be dispatched. 

In more serious cases, a tree limb may stay resting on a line, or a fallen tree may take down a line or pole. North Bay Hydro invests into our Vegetation Management program to minimize these particular outages.  We are very lucky to have our beautifully, tree lined, Northern Ontario town, although at times it may cause the odd inconvenience.

North Bay was also affected by a large-scale outage causing 13,955 customers to lose power from 9:55pm to 10:08pm. This outage was caused by a loss of supply to one of the two Hydro One Transformer stations, located near Trout Lake, that provides power to the North Bay Hydro grid.  The cause of the issue has not yet been provided, but North Bay Hydro is happy with the swift response by Hydro One to restore power to their Transformer station.

Crews worked diligently, and safely through the evening to restore power as quickly as possible. North Bay Hydro crews were greatly appreciative of the many positive messages received, as they restored the small remaining pocket of customers at 7:14am this morning.