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    North Bay Hydro’s Regulatory Scorecard

    The Ontario Energy Board (OEB) has developed a scorecard for all local distribution companies across the Province as a tool to allow customers to gain a better sense of how well their utility is performing over a 5 year period. Utility scorecards track and show comprehensive performance information for each electricity utility in Ontario, over a range of time and for a specific year.

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    2024 IRM Application

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    Residential Customer Rights and Responsibilities: Disconnections

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    Bill S-211 Fighting Against Forced Labour and
    Child Labour in Supply Chains Act

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Preparing for a power outage

Prepare an Emergency Supplies Kit that includes:

  • flashlights, batteries, candles and matches
  • non-perishable foods (canned or dried)
  • battery powered radio to hear storm updates
  • battery powered sump pump back up
  • spare tank of propane for cooking on your BBQ or heating water
  • a basic phone not requiring hydro

Preparing your home/business for a power outage


Planning and preparing ahead is one of the best ways to keep your home and family safe during an emergency. You should plan ahead for a power outage in the same way that you’d prepare for any emergency.

Preparing Ahead

  • Create an emergency supplies kit and keep it in an easy to access location known to all family members.
  • Check batteries twice a year.
  • Use surge protectors to protect sensitive electronic equipment.
  • Have a list of emergency contact numbers handy.
  • Ensure that you have at least one cell phone or non-cordless telephone.
  • Learn how to keep safe in an emergency.
  • Have your trees properly trimmed.
  • Back up computer records regularly.
As Severe Weather is Approaching

  • Check your emergency supplies kit and replenish as needed.
  • Refill prescriptions.
  • Fill your vehicle’s gas tank (gas pumps do not operate without electricity).
  • Turn off and unplug unnecessary electrical equipment.
  • Obtain a cash reserve (ATMs and banks require electricity to operate).
  • Secure outdoor furniture and equipment, windows, doors and garage doors

Staff members with special needs require extra planning and consideration in the event of a power emergency. Develop a plan for emergencies that takes their needs into consideration.

Insurance Coverage

  • Review your insurance coverage to ensure it is sufficient in case of an emergency.
  • Take an inventory and photographs of your equipment, supplies and workplace.
  • Keep copies of your insurance policies, as well as contact information, in your emergency kit.

If the Power Goes Out…

Turn off fixtures/appliances that will turn themselves back on automatically when power is restored (lights, computers, televisions etc…).  Once power is restored, turn appliances back on one at a time.