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Planned Projects

We may be in your neighbourhood next!

We may be in your neighbourhood next!

Carry-over projects from 2022

The following projects are being undertaken to replace old, depreciated assets that have reached the end of their service life.

Highway 11N Sunshine to Berkley RebuildUnderway
A 24-pole line rebuild to be completed in summer 2023. 

Ellendale to Olympia Court Rebuild Underway
A 5-pole overhead and 160m of underground line rebuild that connects Olympia Court to Ellendale Drive to be completed in late 2023 or early 2024.

Greenhill Avenue Overhead RebuildUnderway  
A 30-pole overhead rebuild started in 2022.  Some underground services to private properties remain to be completed in summer 2023.

Beverly Road RebuildUnderway
A 10-pole overhead rebuild that began in 2022.  Underground work will be completed in the summer of 2023.


2023 upcoming projects

The following projects are being undertaken to replace old, depreciated assets that have reached the end of their service life.  Some of these projects involve sub-transmission lines (44 kV) and will therefore be replaced with composite poles to improve the resiliency of those assets.

Trout Lake Transformer Station to Tower Drive Overhead Line RebuildCompleted
A 21 composite pole 44 kV sub-transmission line rebuild through ROW in April 2023.

Tower Drive Overhead Line Rebuild Part 1Underway
A 41 composite and wood pole 44kV sub-transmission line rebuild.  The project will run from mid-April to July.  This is the first part of a 3-part line rebuild project on Tower Drive, which will span multiple years.

O’Brien – McKeown to Airport Overhead Line RebuildScheduled
Project involves the installation of 13 composite and wood poles for a 44kV sub-transmission line rebuild.  The project is currently planned for fall 2023.

Whitney Avenue Overhead RebuildScheduled
Project involves the installation of 26 wood poles.  This project is scheduled for late 2023 or 2024.

Rancier Street Underground Rebuild Part 2 – Underway
An underground Rebuild started in early June for completion in late July/early August.  This project is the continuation of the Rancier/Overholt/Macbeth neighbourhood backlot line elimination.  The work involves the relocation of the backlot overhead line to underground.  The project runs from Bolton Drive to Dellandrea Drive for approximately 280 meters. This project is to remove aging assets in backyards that are difficult to access. Repair work on those lines would have significant impacts on people’s back yards and restoration of power would take a significant amount of time.  In order to avoid impacts and changing the nature of the neighbourhood, the assets are being relocated underground in the front of the properties.

Accelerated High Speed Internet Program – Underway
Numerous Make-Ready pole replacements are planned for communication companies, mainly in the rural areas of the city.  These projects accommodate the government initiative to have high-speed internet access to almost every home.  These poles are replaced as needed; therefore, complete lines may be reconstructed or only a few poles in a line.  This work has started and will be ongoing during the year.

A ”Make-Ready” project is a project that is undertaken by North Bay Hydro to modify the existing pole infrastructure and conductors and “make them ready” for communication companies to attach their assets.  This could include moving up the hydro lines to make more room on existing poles if the poles are tall enough and in good condition or might require the installation of new poles.  The assets are typically communication cables and/or boxes.  Common communication companies in North Bay include Bell, Cogeco, Eastlink, Ontera, Agilis and any other companies as required.

* Project start/finish dates are subject to change.