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    North Bay Hydro’s Regulatory Scorecard

    The Ontario Energy Board (OEB) has developed a scorecard for all local distribution companies across the Province as a tool to allow customers to gain a better sense of how well their utility is performing over a 5 year period. Utility scorecards track and show comprehensive performance information for each electricity utility in Ontario, over a range of time and for a specific year.

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    2024 IRM Application

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    Residential Customer Rights and Responsibilities: Disconnections

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    Bill S-211 Fighting Against Forced Labour and
    Child Labour in Supply Chains Act

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Assistance Programs

Programs available to help

Programs available to help

Whether you are on a tight budget or dealing with a sudden financial crisis, these programs are here
to help you manage your energy costs. Gain some peace of mind so you can focus on what matters

Note – Income eligibility thresholds have recently been increased on the OESP Program!

Low-Income Energy Assistance Program (LEAP)

The LEAP program is a year-round, province-wide emergency financial assistance developed by the
Ontario Energy Board for low-income electricity customers who are having trouble paying their
energy bills.

To apply or to find out if you qualify, visit www.lipinipissing.com or call 705-472-1337.

Ontario Electricity Support Program (OESP)

The OESP is an Ontario Energy Board (OEB) program that lowers electricity bills for lower-income
households. The OESP provides a monthly credit to eligible customers based on household income
and household size. The OESP credits are applied directly to eligible customers’ bills.

To apply or to find out if you qualify, visit www.ontarioelectricitysupport.ca or call 1-855-831-8151.

Emergency Affordability Program (EAP)

The Energy Affordability Program supports income-eligible electricity consumers by helping them
better manage their monthly electricity costs and increase their home comfort. Two types of
support are available through the Energy Affordability Program: Comprehensive Support and Energy
Saving Kits.

To apply or to find out if you qualify, visit www.saveonenergy.ca or call 1-844-770-3148.