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    North Bay (Espanola) Acquisition Inc. (an affiliate of North Bay Hydro Distribution Ltd.) has applied to the Ontario Energy Board for approval of the first phase of a two-phase transaction, necessary to effect the amalgamation of North Bay Hydro Distribution Ltd. and Espanola Regional Hydro Distribution Corporation….

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    Ontario is helping reduce electricity costs for families, businesses and farms. As of January 1, 2017, introduced an 8% rebate for Ontarians. Read more about this program…

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    Emailing North Bay Hydro?

    Due to high volumes of SPAM email, some emails will occasionally be blocked or bounced.

    If you get a bounce, or do not receive a response please contact 705-474-8100 ext 0 to resolve the issue


Reporting an outage?

To report a power outage, please call 705-474-8100. During business hours, calls come to our office. After hours, calls go to our answering service which is staffed 24 hours a day.  

In case of an emergency, please call 9-1-1.

Please bear in mind that a power outage can impact thousands of customers so the possibility of getting through may be limited. Please be assured that we will be making every effort to restore services as soon as possible. 

If you would like to electronically submit an outage report, please fill out the our outage form. Any information provided helps North Bay Hydro address the issue more efficiently. If you do not see an outage identified on the map within two hours, please follow-up with a call to 705-474-8100.

In the event of a widespread outage, please be patient and listen to local radio stations or follow us on Twitter (@nbhydro) for updates.

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Outage Map

Check out our new power outage map at for information on outages! Our power outage map will show you crew status, cause of outage, approximate number of customers affected and our best estimate of when power will be restored.

Outage Map - North Bay Hydro

View the Outage Map


Outage involves danger and is a safety issue to the public i.e. live wires on the ground, fire, etc. Exercise extreme caution.  This type of outage will be given top priority at all times.

Critical Loads

Outage that involves interruption to essential services, i.e. the hospital.  If there are no safety/danger related outages, this outage will be given top priority. 

General Outage

Outage that may be caused by wind, fallen trees, animal contact, and or defective equipment.  This type of outage typically poses little to no danger to the public, aside from the loss of power.  If there are multiple general outages at any given time they will be handled in a priority sequence that restores power to the greatest number of customers. (i.e. Outage 1 – 650 customers, Outage 2 – 2000 customers, Outage 3 – 400 customers, the restoration sequence would be Outage 2, Outage 1, Outage 3)

Planned Outage

Outage has been planned by NBH, with ample notice provided to the affected customers.  This type of outage is used to repair and upgrade existing infrastructure and/or construct or connect new infrastructure.

Please note that all outage data provided via this power outage map is for information purposes only. All times referenced are approximate and sustained outages affecting 300 customers or less may not be represented.


Temporary Service Disconnections

North Bay Hydro customers may need to temporarily disconnect their power supply from North Bay Hydro’s network for such reasons as upgrading your electrical equipment or tree trimming. Only North Bay Hydro staff or contractors may break a connection to your power supply.

To request an interruption to your service, please use the request form and complete the required information, one of our staff will contact you to confirm your request.