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    North Bay Hydro’s Regulatory Scorecard

    The Ontario Energy Board (OEB) has developed a scorecard for all local distribution companies across the Province as a tool to allow customers to gain a better sense of how well their utility is performing over a 5 year period. Utility scorecards track and show comprehensive performance information for each electricity utility in Ontario, over a range of time and for a specific year.

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    2024 IRM Application

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    Residential Customer Rights and Responsibilities: Disconnections

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    Bill S-211 Fighting Against Forced Labour and
    Child Labour in Supply Chains Act

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Board of Directors/Corporate Structure

City of North Bay (North Bay Hydro Services Inc. North Bay Hydro Distribution Ltd. and North Bay Hydro Generations Ltd.)

  • City of North Bay (100%)
    • >City of North Bay Holdings Ltd (100%)
      • >North Bay Hydro Services Inc.
      • >North Bay Hydro Distribution Ltd.
      • >North Bay Hydro Generations Ltd.

North Bay Hydro Distribution Limited. Board of Directors

Chris Winrow – Chair
Dave Wolfe – Vice Chair
Charles Gagnon – Director
Chris Haas – Director
John Krieg – Past Chair

Stacie Fiddler – Director