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Robo Calls Happening in North Bay

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We have had reports of automated calls happening in North Bay and misrepresenting as North Bay Hydro. The call generally will indicate a past due account.

Note: North Bay Hydro does not use an automated outgoing call system and possible disconnection.

It’s important to recognize and report calls that aren’t legitimate. Be aware of calls claiming to be from North Bay Hydro or “Your Electricity Distributor” that ask for your banking or credit card numbers. Never provide this information over the telephone. You may also report the telephone call to The Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre, a Federal agency that collects information and maintains a repository for fraud analysis at 1 (888) 495-8501 or www.antifraudcentre.ca.


  • Who’s calling please? Don’t be afraid to request information from the caller so you can verify their validity. Don’t be afraid to hang up the phone.
  • What’s the hurry? Fast talkers using high pressure tactics could have something to hide. Most respectable businesses will allow you time to weigh your options.
  • Don’t disclose personal information about your account, bank accounts or credit card to any business that can’t prove it is legitimate.

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